January 24, 2021

How to play Judi Online without fear of positive internet

How to play Judi Online without fear of positive internet

How to play Judi Online without fear of positive internet

Judi Online games are not legal and open in Indonesia. As a country that still holds high morals, things like gambling and prostitution that generate huge revenues for the state are still not legalized.

Even though it is illegal, there are still many people who do or want both of these things.

In the context of Judi Online, the biggest enemy for players is the positive internet policy implemented by the Ministry of Communication and Information. It’s not just gambling sites that get blocked by this policy.

Porn sites and various sites deemed negative by the ministry were also blocked. Even many people’s struggle sites have been blocked.

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Yes, there are gambling sites that are not blocked, but if the site has more and more members, it could also be blocked. Usually, I guess. Moreover, the days when the current presidential regime wants to be seen more closely with religious matters.

So the case of blocking sites that are considered negative content is sure to continue.

So, so that our fun and happiness are not restricted and taken away by the state, there are many ways to keep accessing sites that have positive internet exposure. Including Judi Online sites, most of which are also positive on the internet. Here are some ways to play gambling without fear of the positive internet.

  • Use the Add On VPV in the browser

If you are a user of a well-known browser like Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox, then all you have to do is add an add-on to that browser. In both browsers, you can add add-on extensions such as Anomymox to become a VPN in the browser. You can find this add-on by searching the browser extension tab.

If so, install the add-on and restart the browser. After reopening, open settings and look for the Anomymox logo and select the switch option to move the VPN to another country. Yes, just choose what country you want to use. That way, you won’t be exposed to the positive internet.

  • Use a site that has an internal VPN

Yes, to play gambling, I usually use the Opera browser which already has a VPN integrated in the application. So, you don’t need to install additional add-on applications such as when using Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. The method is the same, open the settings, look for the VPN option and move the server to another country. Easy, simple and fast.

  • Install a VPN application for mobile users

For you Judi Online players on cellphones, don’t worry, the way to outsmart positive internet on mobile is much easier than desktop. Just install a VPN application like Turbo VPN on Android or for iPhone users. If you have installed it, activate the VPN and you can play without worrying anymore.

Even so, there is one downside to using this VPN. It’s simple, but the internet speed that is accessed feels slower because we are using a foreign server. I see, the rest is safe. So you don’t need to be afraid of positive internet anymore right?.